Diocese of Niagra, Canada

My wife, Diana, and I led a retreat for clergy and licensed lay workers for the Diocese of Niagra in early May.  It was held at the Mount Carmel Retreat Center, in Niagra Falls, Canada.  What a great few days we had- wonderful, diverse group of folks attending, and the center is lovely, with the best food I've ever had at a retreat center, and a really great staff.  We only had about 24 hrs with the group, but the atmosphere was brimming with great conversation and sharing. It was still a bit on the chilly side, and raining, so I made a quick visit to the actual falls before heading to Toronto to visit for a brief 24 hrs, then head to Buffalo, NY for a visit with my younger sister and family.  A great trip!  Thanks to all who attended, and helped organize the gathering! Here's a shot of the falls from the Peace Bridge.



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