What's been inspiring me... 

I'm a co-founder and partner in AwakeningSoul, [www.awakeningsoulpresents.org] which is, at its core, about providing sanctuary, sustenance and inspiration.  I thought I might share a bit of what's been inspiring me... filling me over the past few weeks, as we look forward to the AwakeningSoul gathering in November at Lutheridge for 'Ancient Soul/Modern Mind.'

I've spent most of the summer so far working with teens and young adults in a variety of 'camp' settings; at the Sawyerville Day Camp [for…

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working on the design for the next AwakeningSoul event, November 2013. 

Putting flesh on the bones of the design process for our upcoming event this coming November. Ann Holtz and I had a couple of days to work on this a couple weeks back, and are feeling very excited about the potential this event has.  We've incorporated the learnings from our last gathering and are adding lots of new and dynamic components. We'll be joined this year by author/professor Lauren Winner and Jungian analyst Jerry Wright, and the incredibly gifted group of musicians we had last time; Lindsey…

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National Happening Leadership gathering at Montreat 

Had a great few days with youth and adults from the National Happening committee meeting held at Montreat, NC.  Lots of singing and fun. I'd not been to Montreat before, for a conference..what a beautiful site and campus.

Awake has arrived! 

The 'Awake' cd is now in stock, and on its way to CDBaby for distribution. They should have it up and running in a week, for hard copy sales and digital downloads.  Please hit the CDBaby link, which will take you directly to the purchase window.  The cover art and package for 'Awake' are quite beautiful, so you might want to order the hard copy!  Thanks so much for your support.


This month marks the 13th year we've lived in NC!  Seems like yesterday we packed up everything we owned and headed south.  I remember standing on our deck on the first morning in our new home, looking out over a beautiful field toward the mountains, and being really humbled by the incredible beauty of it all.  Now, I'm still awed by the splendor and power of these ancient mountains. Every day is a fresh painting!