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Fran McKendree: Links


Charles Milling has founded and nurtured this amazingly talented group of life into some great hymns!

Really Helpful Organizations

We've recently redesigned and updated our AwakeningSoul website.  You'll find information about the 'who, why and what' of this progressive collaboration. This is the place to go to find out more about the events and gatherings that AwakeningSoul will host in 2013 and in the coming years.  This November we'll be joined by author and teacher Lauren Winner, and Jungian analyst Jerry Wright, with music hosted by a wonderful ensemble; Fran will be joined by Lindsey Blount [vocals] River Guerguerian [percussion], Charles Milling [bass and vocals] and Duncan Wickel [violin uilleann pipes]. Brian Prior, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of MN will be weaving our liturgy. Ann Holtz and Diana McKendree will be facilitating our evening conversations.  Join us for what will be a soulful and enriching four days in the mountains of western NC.   www.awakeningsoulpresents.orggeese_sunrise_resized.JPG

Sawyerville Work Project
This is a wonderful, ongoing changing.
Doctors Without Borders

One of the best...

Heifer Project
One of the best in the world...please visit the site and make a difference!
Save the Polar Bears

Very important work.  Please give as generously as you can!

Bread for the World

 When you're looking for a way to help...


River Guerguerian
River is an inspirational musician...unique and visionary, fun and profound. I experienced the joy of working with him during the 2008 Advent conference that I co-coordinated at Kanuga. Please visit his site, and treat yourself to his music.

Eliot is a bassist extraodinaire! Dear friend and all around incredible musician.

Great group...longtime friend and colleague, Chuck Hamilton is the drummer in this very unique band.

Kira Small


Kira is a fantastic, soulful singer in Nashville, TN.  Her song 'I Will Raise My Voice' is a masterpiece! Please visit her site, and buy her cds!

wise ones

Barbara Brown Taylor

Life changing insights from this incredibly gifted writer/teacher

Read the Spirit

David Crumm has created a wonderfully rich and insightful site here.  Tons of information, stories and interviews that you won't find anywhere else.

Fran's brochure