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Fran McKendree: Links

Really Helpful Organizations

We've recently redesigned and updated our AwakeningSoul website.  You'll find information about the 'who, why and what' of this progressive collaboration. This is the place to go to find out more about the events and gatherings that AwakeningSoul will host in 2013 and in the coming years.  This November we'll be joined by author and teacher Lauren Winner, and Jungian analyst Jerry Wright, with music hosted by a wonderful ensemble; Fran will be joined by Lindsey Blount [vocals] River Guerguerian [percussion], Charles Milling [bass and vocals] and Duncan Wickel [violin uilleann pipes]. Brian Prior, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of MN will be weaving our liturgy. Ann Holtz and Diana McKendree will be facilitating our evening conversations.  Join us for what will be a soulful and enriching four days in the mountains of western NC.   www.awakeningsoulpresents.orggeese_sunrise_resized.JPG

Sawyerville Work Project
This is a wonderful, ongoing changing.
Doctors Without Borders

One of the best...

Heifer Project
One of the best in the world...please visit the site and make a difference!
Free Wheelchair Mission

These folks are doing GREAT things.  When you donate, please note that it should go through Joseph Prickett Participant ID; # 224795909

Joseph is a teen ager who I met recently in NE.  He's raised an amazing amount for this very worthy and life-changing group.

Thanks for your generosity!


Save the Polar Bears

Very important work.  Please give as generously as you can!

Bread for the World

 When you're looking for a way to help...

Music Maker Relief Foundation

helping older bluesmen and women from the south through tough times, and doing a great job of it.

Science and Spirit

very interesting stuff here...

Woodstock Chimes

These folks make beautiful sounding wind chimes, and they are currently donating a healthy portion of sales to the Clearwater Sloop, supporting its mission of protecting the Hudson River.  The Hudson River Chime, which I was recently given by a friend, has chimes which sound the 5 note pentatonic scale of Pete Seeger's 'My Dirty Stream.'  Here's a photo I took of a sunrise over the Hudson, looking out from the Holy Cross Monastery, about an hour north of NYC.


Center for Progressive Christianity

The Center for Progressive Christianity site is a wonderful resource for folks looking for fresh ideas about liturgy, language, art and creative expression of all kinds.  They have recently developed a new curriculum for Sunday school called 'A Joyful Path,' which looks great. Check them out, and drop them an email to let them know you've visited.


Charles Milling


Charles is an amazingly gifted musician and dear friend.  I had the joy of playing a bit of dulcimer on his first release 'Soul Mother,' and he produced my latest cd 'Rise.'  Please visit his site, order 'Soul Mother,' and spread the word!

Lindsey Blount

She's incredible!!  Voice of an angel. If Earl [Saving Grace] could sing, he'd sound like this!

McKendree Spring


McKendree Spring, the band I was in thru most of my 20's...dear friends and brothers, Marty and Michael.  We reunited in May of '06 for a reunion show at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, OH, which we recorded. It's the live recording everyone always told us we should do!

Jean Gauthier

Jean has a powerful voice and unique style.  I had the pleasure of producing her latest cd 'Feels Like Home.' Jean lives in the Boston area.  Please visit her site, and support this gifted and wonderful woman.

The Red Wellies


I co-produced and engineered at my Teerivane Studios a cd for an incredibly talented Irish traditional group, The Red Wellies, who live in the Asheville, NC. This recording will have you feeling like you're sitting next to them in a pub on a misty night in Ireland.

As Randall Bays, the noted Irish player, has said:
      'The Red Wellies,' a new cd of traditional Irish fiddles and bouzouki, is that rarest of recordings that combines superb musicianship, great feeling, and a rock solid sense of rhythm and style. Fiddlers Beanie Odell, Duncan Wickel and bouzouki player Vincent Fogarty have made a wonderful debut cd that will be enjoyed by any fan of Irish music. They may not be known [yet] outside their mountain home in North Carolina, but their music is in a league with the very best of Irish traditional music.    

River Guerguerian
River is an inspirational musician...unique and visionary, fun and profound. I experienced the joy of working with him during the 2008 Advent conference that I co-coordinated at Kanuga. Please visit his site, and treat yourself to his music.
Yehudit Lieberman


dear friend and fantastic violinist.  We've worked together over the years doing community building workshops for the group 'the Foundation for Community Encouragement.'

Eliot is a bassist extraodinaire! Dear friend and all around incredible musician.

Great group...longtime friend and colleague, Chuck Hamilton is the drummer in this very unique band.

Kira Small


Kira is a fantastic, soulful singer in Nashville, TN.  Her song 'I Will Raise My Voice' is a masterpiece! Please visit her site, and buy her cds!

wise ones

My dear friend and teacher...visit his'll be in the company of a wise and wonderful visionary.


Dr. Anne Borik has created a wonderful and unique combination of movement and prayer.  Breathe deeply, be calm and be present...

Barbara Brown Taylor

Life changing insights from this incredibly gifted writer/teacher

Read the Spirit

David Crumm has created a wonderfully rich and insightful site here.  Tons of information, stories and interviews that you won't find anywhere else.

friends and colleagues

Jenifer Gamber
Jenifer is an author and teacher, doing great work in the field of the faith journeys of youth and adults. Please visit her site for more information.

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