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WELCOME! Thanks so much for stopping by!


"I don't know what to call it--heart, clarity, vision, soul--but there is so much of it in Fran's songs that I cannot hear his voice without receiving more of these gifts myself."
 ~ Barbara Brown Taylor

Our recent AwakeningSoul, "Sacred Revolution," with Diana Butler Bass and John Dominic Crossan was a great success!  What a wonderful group of folks we had with us. Dom and Diana both gave insightful, challenging presentations, the new banners were astoundingly beautiful, the AwakeningSoul Ensemble (with newest member, Isabel Castellvi) was a joy and a great time was had by all. Conversations went deep, worship was uplifting, our plenary sessions were full of great questions and even a few answers! Please visit our website www.awakeningsoulpresents for more information and photos.  I'll have some pix up here soon, and hopefully a video clip or two. We're already fired up and working on 2018!

The AwakeningSoul Ensemble 2017

Here are a couple of thoughtful comments from past participants to help you get a sense of the impact of this gathering;

AwakeningSoul feeds me and makes me hungry at the same time; it both calms and troubles the waters of my soul. I have experienced the presence of God at AwakeningSoul in such a way as to be reminded that I am deeply loved by my creator, and reminded that God is calling me to join him in the work of healing this world.
~ Michael Pipkin

Awakening Soul is an oasis for the soul --- a place for centering and spiritual growth.  I come away from my time there energized by challenging ideas, enriched by beautiful music, and filled with a renewed sense of spiritual possibilities.
~ Pat Hudson



In time for Christmas to support the Sawyerville Day Camp, in southwest AL ....

 All proceeds from the sale of this recording will go to the Sawyerville Day Camp.

The First Noel... probably my favorite Christmas carol.  Helping me on this one are Allison King Tullos (vocal), Duncan Wickel (violin), Paul Hollowell (keys), Eliot Wadopian (bass).   

Fran McKendree: The First Noel



 Looking for a beautiful gift?
   'Sending You Light
Fran with Ana Hernandez
with Billy Cardine, Paul Friesen-Carper, River Guerguerian,
Ike Sturm, and Duncan Wickel. 
Alternative Folk with a spiritual bent.
Deep and fun.



My wife, Diana, and I were in Ireland and Scotland in early May, 2015.  We had a great visit with friends in the west of Ireland then headed on to Iona, the lovely and deeply spiritual island off the west coast of Scotland.  Rainy, windy, foggy, cool with brief windows of the sun, still beautiful and restorative!  Here are a couple of photos... more to come and a video as well;
looking to the south east, with the Abbey in the shadows
the nunnery



Diana and Fran, just before the rain gave us a good soaking..












Sawyerville Day Camp

 I'm always looking for ways to spread the word about the amazing Sawyerville Day Camp, and to support their work. To that end, I've made these recordings available to download;

The First Noel... probably my favorite Christmas carol.  Helping me on this one are Allison King Tullos (vocal), Duncan Wickel (violin), Paul Hollowell (keys), Eliot Wadopian (bass).  All proceeds will go to the Sawyerville Day Camp.

Fran McKendree: The First Noel

 'Come By Here' with Allison King Tullos and Duncan Wickel.  All proceeds will go to the Sawyerville Day Camp.

Fran McKendree: Come By Here


McKendree Spring News

The DVD/CD release 'Times Like These' ~ the McKendree Spring 'final show ever' has turned out great!  We might offer a very limited edition that would include breakfast with the band at 3a at a Waffle House - just for the real, authentic experience! 

Live... at Douglas Corner


Casey [in the lab coat we insist he wear to ensure that the digital 1s and 0s will be safely contained, and because he looks so darn professional in it!!]


 Fran and Chris helping Casey through a particularly tough edit...




 Fran and Ana Hernandez!


percussionist, River Guerguerian, joined us for a session.  Fun times!

River and Ana...







AwakeningSoul ~ 

AwakeningSoul is a partnership of Fran and Ann Holtz, with creative input and guidance from Brian Prior, Diana McKendree, and others.  Please take a few minutes to visit the web site..thanks!

And speaking of AwakeningSoul events... we are already in the design process for the 2016 event.  Our presenters this time 'round will be Brian McLaren and Becca Stevens.. a soulful pairing! Visit the AwakeningSoul website for updates and register early, this will fill quickly.


And from the archives ~ 2011 AwakeningSoul gathering - here are a few video clips;

Fran with Charles Milling, Duncan Wickel, Lindsey Blount and River Guerguerian doing 'Painting in the Skies'


 And two fun videos of Lindsey Blount, River Guerguerian,  Charles Milling and Duncan Wickel



  My friend DAVID CRUMM, providing, as always a wonderful web site full of challenging and profound reading;  





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  'Awake'  My newest cd is available at  Digital downloads are available, too, at, iTunes and all the other digital download shops, but the cover art and package on this one are so beautiful, you may want to order the hard copy.  You'll find a few samples on the music page here at the site. 


 Click this button to purchase a hard copy or download. Thanks!

Fran McKendree: Awake





 HAITI, the Philippines, and Ebola

There are many ways we can support the people of Haiti, the Philippines and other countries in need over the next months and years. Doctors Without Borders  and Episcopal Relief and Development continue to be tireless advocates.  We all need to be generous - wherever our hearts may guide us to contribute.

Here are two excellent relief agencies;     or




 I do hope you'll take a few minutes to visit the 'news' page for updates and click the 'links' to find some other very creative and hardworking groups that are carrying on some important work.  And please visit the music, friends and photo pages, too. And a reminder; While you're here, don't forget to sign the guestbook, thanks!

All the best, Fran

small photo of Fran's Larrivee guitar at top by: Ellen Coleman

large photo above by Diana McKendree - taken in Tuscany at a small abandoned village

below by Susan Logan